The web can be a great resource for business owners navigating the world of marketing.  But with thousands of pieces of content published every day, it’s difficult to decipher what is solid, practical advice for a small business or start-up.

Between the tweets, posts, emails and feeds I have dozens (if not 100s) of marketing downloads and blogs that cross my screen every week.

And while I certainly can’t read them all, I read many of them – so that you don’t have to!  Following are the top five (or so) articles and insights – on all things marketing – that I think would most benefit you the most.


Articles and Insights on All Things Marketing:

  1. Getting ready for the holidays? Twitter has partnered with Google Small Business Community, Hootsuite, HubSpot and SproutSocial for #SmallGoesBig – a series of digital events designed to help you get more sales this holiday season.
  1. If Facebook is part of your Social Media Strategy, check out Constant Contact’s 15 Resources to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook.
  1. Make your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising budget go farther with 3 Small Paid Search Optimizations With Huge Impact.
  1. One of the first things people you meet in a business setting do is look you up on LinkedIn! Find out if Your LinkedIn profile is up to par with 5 Tips for Improving Your Presence on LinkedIn.
  1. Are you using Google Analytics to measure and analyze your website traffic? Check out How to Use Google Analytics Behavior Reports to Optimize Your Content.

If you’ve read a great article and learned about a new tip, share it! Drop a link to it in the comments below.