Small Business Marketing Coach

Confused about what marketing choices are right for your small business? Tired of wasting time and money on random marketing ideas that don’t work for you and your business?

As a small business Marketing Coach, I work one-on-one with business owners and solo-professionals in taking the guesswork out of marketing.

  • I help you avoid the costly mistakes of jumping from one marketing idea to another.
  • I work with you in putting together a marketing plan that is specific to you and your business.
  • And I provide the insights and advice you need to move your business forward more quickly and effectively.

My small business marketing coaching starts by assessing where your marketing is now – the things you are doing right and those areas that can be improved. We then put together a list of what to focus on over the next 6 to 12 months in order to get you on the right track for reaching your marketing and business goals.

And we have regular phone calls to prioritize tasks, answer questions that come up and help keep you on track.

Whether you are delegating marketing activities to your staff, outsourcing projects or implementing everything yourself, I create a customized plan and provide a personalized resource for marketing your business.

The marketing landscape is complex. I help you make sense of the ever-changing marketing platforms and if they’re right for your business. And I brainstorm with you in deciding the best way to move forward in building your brand and growing your business.


Marketing Coach Program:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: A thorough evaluation of your current marketing materials and initiatives, showing you the things that you are doing well and not so well.
  • 6-Month Marketing Action Plan: An outline of activities and items to focus on over the next 6-months and recommendations on areas to address in the future.
  • Coaching Calls: Regular check-ins to brainstorm ideas, solidify strategies and keep you on track.
  • Ongoing Support: I am always just an email away if you have a question, need a recommendation or just want to talk-through any issues keeping you stuck.

*Ongoing coaching is available.

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