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Jacqui Genow of J. Genow Marketing

Jacqui Genow

People say I am obsessively passionate about marketing.

When I was younger I studied acting. Then, I became a woodworker and started a business crafting display boxes. Eventually both passions fizzled out. Because for me it wasn’t about reciting the same lines over and over or making the same box over and over.

What I liked was delving into a character to see what made her tick. I liked the spark that comes from putting pencil to paper and then figuring out how to build it.

I liked the puzzle.

Developing a marketing roadmap is like putting together a puzzle

And getting all of the pieces to fit.

Products, services, customers, research, data, websites, brochures, content… are all pieces of the marketing puzzle. My strength is in figuring out how those pieces best fit together in order to create roadmaps for seamless, integrated campaigns.

Your company’s marketing plan should be developed by someone who can see the bigger picture, knows about each element of the marketing strategy and understands your overall business goals.

As a Business and Marketing Consultant, my focus goes beyond marketing. A business and marketing Strategist, I am able to take an unbiased approach to pinpointing the right mix of tools and tactics for your business and goals. Consumers research and buy across a multitude of channels; you need to be able to speak with them wherever they are.

Whether your business needs to establish a brand position, introduce a new product, solidify a sales process, start tweeting, posting or blogging – whether it’s developing messaging, strengthening SEO, or redesigning a website I develop marketing strategies – roadmaps – using those tools that are right for your business and will result in the best ROI.

As owners of a start-up, marketing was an afterthought, and we honestly didn’t know how to get started. Jacqui solved that problem. She researched the competitive landscape, developed our brand strategy and provided us with product and positioning differentiations. Her approach is professional, patient and enthusiastic. She eliminated the stress about marketing and made the process enjoyable.

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My Background

And how I got here.



As a Marketing Director experienced in developing brand, communications and campaign strategies, I have managed the day-to-day activities of all aspects of marketing – from online, social and search to collateral, communications, PR and advertising – in order to help companies grow a loyal customer base.

I started my career as a Media Planner, working at global advertising agencies such as Grey and DDB. My path took a turn to starting my own business, giving me the hands-on experience of turning an idea into reality and then bringing it to the marketplace. Then an opportunity was presented to manage the marketing activities for a growing furniture manufacturer. This is where I found my passion, and I have worked in marketing ever since.

Now as a Marketing Consultant my focus is on strategy, working with business owners in helping them put together the pieces of their marketing roadmaps.

For a chronological view of my background and experience, you can view my LinkedIn profile.