Small Business Owners Holiday Marketing Guide


Last August I posted the article, “The Small Business Holiday Marketing Guide”.

In it I talked about how planning is the key to a successful holiday marketing campaign. How the Target’s and Best Buys of the world were already deep into their Holiday Marketing campaigns by July.

So let’s talk…

How did last season go? Did you get out the holiday campaign you wanted?

Or did another holiday season pass without reaching out to your best clients? Without leveraging holiday shoppers? Without any plans to turn those seasonal gift-givers into year-round customers?

Well, here is your reminder that the key to a successful holiday marketing season is all about when you start. And now is the time to start!


Your 2016 Holiday Marketing Game Plan


  • Review: Take a look at everything you did last year. What worked? What didn’t you have time to implement… or implement well? Where were the missteps? Any mishaps? What can you do differently this year?
  • Decide: The plight of many small businesses is having unrealistic expectations of what we can take on. We want to do it all. But just like that extra helping at the BBQ, or slice of cake after a huge meal…. we don’t really have the room to fit it all. So focus on one, maybe two items that you can do well.
  • Make a List: Write down everything you think you’ll need to get it done. Everything. If your plan is to implement an email campaign, what do you need? Who’s in charge? Do you need to find artwork for it? Do you need a landing page for a special offer? If you want to host an event or a VIP party for your most valued customers, what kind of event to you to host? What is your budget? Where are you hosting it…. and is the location available?

To help you get started…..

And remember, the holiday shopping season is only 10 weeks away!


The time to start planning is now.